Revise and re-upload after getting ISBN

I've already uploaded my file, and I don't see an option for ISBN, which I would like to do, so I'm assuming you find that after you've completed the cover and reviewed it already. But I want to be able to write my ISBN number inside the book after I have it. Will I be able to go back and load a new file after I've gotten an ISBN so I can print the ISBN number inside the book?

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  • Paul_LuluPaul_Lulu Admin
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    It's a little tricky, but make sure the 'Eligible for Retail Distribution' mark appears on the first step (the one where you pick size and binding).
    Then, on the title step, select the option to "Sell on..."
    Once you select that and move to the next step, you'll be prompted to add an ISBN or use one of our free ones.
    And yes, you can absolutely back up and change these options during creation and after you finish the book (by making a revision).


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