Promos and Lulu

So I've expanded my knowledge in all things self-publishing since I first published through Lulu last year. I've come across promotional sites such as BookBulb, BookBarbarian and other sites that will run a promo on your discounted book. My question here is, are there any promotional sites like those I mentioned that cater to Lulu authors? Most if not all want an Amazon link. 

How do other authors handle running a promo for a certain date on Amazon from here at Lulu? Say lowering your eBook down to $0.99 for 3 days?


  • The short answer, unfortunately, is that you can't.

    What you could do is set the price of the ebook to nil on Lulu. This will feed through to Amazon after a while. Then, after the book has been available free on Amazon for a little while, change the price on Lulu back to the original.
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