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I have a large order of 60 books paper back ordering from Brisbane. The current status since last Friday has been “fulfilling”. The book is a genealogical book for a family reunion that will be held in Fiji. My flight tickets has been booked for next week Friday (7 Dec) and advance payment of access in books additions weight has been paid in advance. There is a lot of anticipation for this ancestry and genealogical book and I’m starting to get worried that I will not receive it in time. I have paid extra for express shipping but still willing to I pick the books from directly from the printers, Any help on this is much appreciated.


  • Hi mcboa73,

    We are currently working through our highest holiday volume so orders are taking longer to fulfill.

    I see you do have a support case created so I will follow up with you via email after I reach out to our printer for a status update.
  • Forest fires and floods do not help either  :(
  • tazkamtazkam Tombstone AZ Reader
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    I ordered 10 calendars on Nov. 19 - these are custom calendars for 2019. I wanted some to have for local sales & gifts. But mostly I made them to sell through my website for the historical town I live in. I also placed an ad on FB to have people purchase them. My reputation is on the line here. I have orders sitting in the system here - & I wonder how the fulfilling process is going with them. I'm quite nervous about it.

    I did this last year on a smaller scale with another company. Never had this slow a delivery system! Goodness - the holiday rush couldn't be foreseen?? I'm really disturbed.

    If I were you mboa73 - I'd be prepared & use summary print-outs from your own computer for what you're planning in Fiji, as a back-up.

    When I ordered my previous calendar as a sample to check out the work - I did it to see how long it took via regular mail. So slow, it amazed me. I do live across country from their printer in the U.S. But I've ordered things from same area - came much faster.

    This time I asked for Priority Mail. Still worried. Still "fulfilling" - yikes! Excellent product, but way too slow process & delivery here!!! As I said - it's my reputation I'm now risking via this company. Had to vent!! Karen M.
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  • Hi Karen,

    I'm terribly sorry your order has not finished printing.

    I have created a case for you and sent you an email regarding changing the delivery service for your order.
  • Companies that publish calendars often create and print them in January ready for sale in December :)

    Some shipping times make no sense though. I ordered a watch (obviously not from here) and it says it will take a month to get here! I know it's direct from Asia but is it coming via pigeon?!

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    Yes, Just Kevin - it's "live & learn" - I admit I did do this at the last minute here. I am just into this type of monetization & in the learning process. It was that the previous company I went with wasn't satisfactory this time, I tried another, & I liked their system to a degree. But then in the end, for various reasons, couldn't go with them. So finally I found Lulu! Checked their method for processing & their shipping - seemed it would work. But I still have this worry in the end. Now today, it is 12/3/18 & I still see "Fulfilling" at 9:28 am, Mountain Time - which would be almost 11:30 Eastern. Lulu Support did reach out on their own, which I was happy about. But I'm still worried. :/  - Especially about my customers who ordered directly through the Lulu site.  B)
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  • Lulu use 3rd party printers, in other words, Lulu do not make the products, which means 'jobs' from here will be queued up with the printer's other contracts. It's also Black Friday and Cyber Monday (which seem to last for weeks!) so there's the vast extra load on shippers shipping other items. Not to mention Xmas not far away and all the potential presents 'zooming' around the world. 
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