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The Guilty Fairy Book 1

The Guilty Fairy

   I published the first book in a trilogy, you must have an open mind when reading this series and must have a sense of humor. This book crosses some lines and it will offend some people.

What is The Guilty Fairy About?:

  Aiden Vaughn is a young billionaire who lives a lavish lifestyle inside of his high-end condo in Davenport, Delaware. His grandfather fought in an intergalactic war and helped the American people save the world from an evil alien force, he used the reward money to make sure Aiden would never have to struggle, as well as giving him a special gift that helped him turn the tables during the war. When an evil entity comes from the shadows and seeks to use the gift to cast Earth into the Abyss. Will the mystical light of the Guilty Fairy overcome the darkness? Or will darkness overcome the light?
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