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I am trying to format my book so that I can print it through Lulu, and I'm using Google docs which has no mirror or gutter margin option. I did put the top and bottom at .75, and the sides of the block text have .875 of space around them. Is this okay to do or do I need to give up? How important is a gutter margin even with the extra space on both sides of the text?

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  • A Gutter is an extra margin allowance to the bound side of the pages.  Google docs does not support Gutters. Can it actually create Left and Right pages? That could be a problem if not. What about Page Breaks? New Sections? Page Numbers? And many other things you need to format the pages for a book?

    I would strongly suggest you get Word, which can do all the things you need.

  • Google can do all of this except support gutters. I did put in more space on both sides of the text but I don't know if that would work for allowance when they bind the book. 

    Problem is word costs money. I don't have money. I'm poor and I have to spend it on bills. 
  • To Kevin's point, Google Docs can export to ODT, the Open Office file type. While Google Docs is great for writing (its my primary writing tool) it is not so great for preparing a file for printing. Page Layout and Design are lacking from the base design of Docs and I haven't found an Add On yet that enables the degree of layout and control you can achieve with Word or Open Office.
  • I tend to ignore the gutter setting / keep it at zero, I make the margins big enough to negate the gutter.
  • With the high cost of POD it's a good idea to use margins as small as you can get away with (but too close to the edge the end words my be trimmed.) But, at least 1/4" is glued on the bound edge, so a Gutter is used to allow for that. Word knows which the bound edge will be, if set to know.

    Currently (A5 paperbacks) I use 0.5" left and right margins, with a 0.2" Gutter set to Left. But a Gutter can depend on Page Count. The greater the number of pages the bigger a Gutter should be (mine are usually around 280 pages) or it makes it harder to see the bound edge words when trying to open the book and read it!

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