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Newbie: Can't get beyond Upload Page. HELP!

Hi All

I'm a newbie to Lulu.  I tried for hours last week to upload my ebook on Lulu, but each time the upload gets don't and is successful, the Lulu interior conversion process always comes back with a response saying unkown error has occurred.  I have been able to publish on KDP successfully - with no problem at all.

Has anyone had challenges uploading their book?  I have tried to report this severally and I had someone open up a case only to release the ISBN - this other problem wasn't addressed at all.

Keen to know people's experiences here.

Thanks in advance.


  • First, I'll assume you have the formatting under control since you've previously published this ebook, but I'll link our formatting guide just in case. The most important thing is the Heading Styles.
    With that out of the way, are you uploading a DOCX file? Our system has been reporting some mysterious errors with DOCX the last couple of days. This Thread has more information and some workarounds that may help.
    I see your case in our support queue too, and I'll touch base with the support team to see if we can help get this resolved.
  • Hi Paul.  Thanks for your prompt response.  I actually tried posting docx first - it came up with error message.  Then I used calibre to convert to epub , i uploaded that - and same unknown problem.

    Thanks for helping to flag this with support as well.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    The fault still seems to persist, according to the big pink banner.
  • The fault still seems to persist, according to the big pink banner.
    As of this morning (Monday 10/29) we're stilling seeing higher than normal conversion errors from EPUBs. Some, and probably most, of those errors will be due to a formatting flaw like a misplaced heading style or a nested list, but we've tested DOCX files that should convert and they have failed. So there is a some issue that we're still working to address.
    Either way, our support staff should be able to provide direction for getting the file in working order.
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