Are German books printed in Europe?

So far I am finding it very difficult to get any information on the Lulu site. I have a project in Germany and need to know if the books will be printed in this country or, at the very least, in Europe. Can anyone out there tell me? I am certainly not prepared to pay for international shipping from the US.


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    Lulu use a few printers across the world. (Lulu do not print the books.) They, or at least the software, try to have them printed as close as possible to where a book is ordered from, regardless of the language, or where the creator lives.

    Possibly Lulu do not mention that because of the above? Don't forget that Lulu's site is, well, on line, viewable all over the world, and with a free Lulu ISBN books will also be up for sale on 1000s of other sites around the world. (Often with free or cheaper shipping.)

    However, I live in the UK and paperbacks I order are printed here. I have no idea about Germany or the rest of Europe, but perhaps the UK printer is used also. But, I do believe that ALL hardbacks are printed in the USA.

    And of course, with ePubs the 'problem' is irrelevant  :)

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    Hi dchubbardwrites,

    We have printers in the US, Canada, France, UK, and Australia currently.

    The order will likely print in France for shipping to Germany. To get an estimate of shipping cost, it is recommended to add a book to your cart, then input the shipping address. We will display all the available shipping methods for that location.

  • Thanks to both of you for the info. I was about ready to jump ship and go elsewhere to print our book. It's obvious that the websites are seen and used all over the world, but that little bit of info - that books may just be printed on your own continent, rather than in the US, is actually a very big factor when self-pubbing in Europe. The Lulu management would do well to add this information. They might see a spike in sales, who knows!?
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    The Lulu management would do well to add this information.

    It is a good idea, but things often change. I am not sure Lulu use the same printer in the UK as they used to do, for example.

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