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Xpress + Woocommerce


I used to use the Shopify app with the Lulu integration and for several reasons decided to go back to Woocommerce. I saw a thread earlier this year that the integration may be coming to Woocommerce at some point and I wanted to inquire about that to see if that is still coming at some point. As a devout Woocommerce user who consults clients to use Woocommerce, I can't stress how invaluable this would be if the Lulu API could sync with Woocommerce. Shopify is great but for many reasons it's not a practical solution for many ecommerce owners.
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  • I can't give an exact timeframe, but Woocommerce is on our short list for the next ecommerce platform we integrate with. 
  • I'm wondering whether there is any update on the likely timeframe for Woocommerce platform integration? 

    I have an existing Wordpress site that I would like to use Lulu xPress with. I'm trying to decide whether to migrate to Shopify (which is not my preference) but if Woocommerce is on the horizon this would be a much better option for me.
  • I would say 2020 most likely. We've got a full plate of site updates for this year already. 
  • potetjppotetjp Professor
    I wish the new forum looked like the previous one. This version is drab and not so convenient.
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