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I am a composer and have used Lulu to print many of my compositions for personal use. I have recently decided to publish these on the Lulu marketplace, but have discovered that there is no option to class my work as "music" or "score" - the closest thing is arts & photography, which doesn't really describe my work. 
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  • There are many categories missing, it would be impossible to include them all, but you can add Metadata tag keywords to every one of your book's details (first page when you click Revise if you have not done so while creating a book.) So anyone searching for Music should come up with music.
  • Kevin's advice about keywords is sound. When the site was originally coded, the folks doing the work then didn't suspect Music would be such a popular category for self-publishing.

    With a major shop rework on our engineering roadmap, we should have the ability to update and control categories better in the not-to-distant future.
  • Perhaps it could be made possible for us to create our own categories?
  • There's some trickiness in making up categories, particularly if the author wants to distribute the book. I'm honestly not certain how we'll handle this, but it seems likely we'll at least have the ability to update/change categories in line with popular demand.
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