ISBN from CreateSpace for Hardcover?

Hi! I've published a paperback and kindle with CreateSpace and got a free ISBN through them. I'm happy with how it's turned out and am satisfied with the product. I now want to publish a hardcover edition with Lulu. Can I use the same ISBN as my CreateSpace paperback? Once I make the hardcover and start selling it on Amazon, will it link to my paperback and kindle despite the difference in publishing company? Basically what I'm trying to do is stick with the same product, just turn it into a hardcover and sell it alongside the paperback with the same ISBN and share the same Amazon product page. Will this work the way I want it to? Thanks!


  • So I've done more research and found that the ISBN should be different. I should not bring the same ISBN from CreatSpace because the hardcover will be a different edition than the paperback. So all I'd like to know now is if the hardcover and paperback product pages will link on Amazon the same way paperback and kindle pages do through CreateSpace.
  • Hi JuliaM,

    Amazon might link them together since they are the same book but different formats.

    I recommend checking with Amazon to make sure.
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