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I loaded an Open Office file and it seemed to work OK but the PDF I was given back  to check is formatted completely differently.  It only seems to have right side pages whereas I took care to ensure that right and left pagination was correct.  It has also increased the line spacing so that the overall page count has increased and of course the new chapter pages are now incorrect.  Why has this happened and how can I get back to my original?


  • I assume you created the right size PDF for the book shape and size you have picked? To get back to your original, well I expect it is still on your PC :)
  • I do still have the original ODT file but the created PDF is nothing like it.  I used the Lulu A5 template so assume it was the right size.  I’ve created a couple of books OK before with no trouble.
  • If you pasted the Lulu template onto the OO file, I think without being certain, in the event of different file sizes, the one being pasted onto retains the size, so if the OO file was not A5, then the uploaded file will not be A5 either; if you nevertheless selected the A5 option on Lulu, then that is where the formatting problems come in. Lulu's masher will stretch or shrink a PDF of one size if a different book size is selected, but if a doc of some sort, then there could be problems galore.
  • Thanks for the replies.  I'm pretty sure that the template and the original OO file were both A5.  I pasted text into the A5 template and then formatted margins, styles etc so that shouldn't alter the basic template dimensions.  There's a slight difference because OO doesn't quite have the right number of decimal places but this is very marginal in the scheme of things and shouldn't be enough to affect pagination.  It doesn't explain the changes to left page margins or page footers which are different only on left pages.  I've logged this as a support query and awaiting a reply form Lulu.  I'll post the response here just in case I've done something stupid and it helps others
  • Could I suggest Word? I create in Word and when ready Save As a PDF, and all the settings always 'stick.'  The Save As (PDF) in Word is set to ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDA/A) if that makes a difference.
  • Thanks.  I think saving as PDF may be the answer.  OO has an export to PDF as well as Word (and is free of course).  I’ll have a go.  I’m just curious why sometimes it works with OO files and sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Well that proves something.  Exporting to PDF format from OO and uploading into Lulu produces a correct file.  Doesn't explain why the direct approach didn't work but life's too short.  I'll do this every time from now.
  • I have to admit I have no idea what an 00 is. However, I do think it's also possible to use Print To File as a save option, and that also creates a PDF. Not that I have ever tried it!
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