Looking for illustrators to work on comic projects

Hi guys,

First-time poster here, so please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong place!

Like the title reads, I'm looking for artist[s] who would like to team up and create a kick-a** horror project!  I am a published horror fiction writer from Scotland; I printed a 3D horror comic a couple of years ago, which I still sell via eBay (The Party).  Please check it out.  Ideally, I'd provide you with the written material and we go from there (self-publish or tout the bigger fish with our pitch).

Up to you.  It's just because I was browsing the comics section on Lulu but couldn't find the links to email creators directly.  And before you say, I DID buy a couple of titles in the hope I'd be able to source their creators through the paperback.  I'll try to support who and what I can, like many of you do, I imagine.


Steve Deighan.


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