Another posting in Promotions leads to a book with no Preview, which is not unusual for ePubs (mine don't have them either) however I looked at the printed books there at the same time, which do have Previews, but only of the Front Matter, of which there is a lot, but the 2nd page of which is 'Other Books By ...' The Copyright should normally go there. There's also a page with a lot of thanks, etc., on, but also many hyperlinks to other places. You can tell they were once actual hyperlinks (Word etc., will autoturn what it thinks is a webaddress to an actual hyperlink, which has to be deactivated so it's only the printed word (and not underlined or often blue!)) but of course they do not work on the printed page. I wonder if they are also in the ePub, because they should not be. Hyperlinks in ePubs to external places are banned at Lulu.


  • I'm not aware of a strict ban on hyperlinks in EPUBs. Some retailers like Amazon will reject an EPUB with links to other retailers. And we'll flag the file if there are links that fail. But using external links should be fine in general. 
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    I am sure it says that in your Guide. As you say, some retailers do not like them that point to competitors, but many also do not like them because a lot of e-book reading devices cannot connect to anything, but may try to when clicked on (just like a TOC.) There can even be problems with links that will work. Your guide says this >>   


    A hyperlink can be a nice addition to an eBook when read on a device like the iPad, Kindle or Nook Tablet. It can also be a bit annoying if a reader accidently clicks a hyperlink and suddenly finds they have unintentionally navigated to an unexpected webpage. Keep in mind that on most eReader devices, when a reader clicks a hyperlink, the eReader application closes and a browser window opens. Your reader may get distracted by the Internet and never come back to your book! Therefore, you should be judicious in your use of hyperlinks."

    But all the same, they do not work on a printed page. :)

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