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I am brand new to epubs so I am struggling with some things. I can convert straightforward paragraphs no problem at all, but the file is also image heavy and none are standalone, all the images are small enough for text fit along either side, or top and bottom, but this has been totally undone. I have read a lot of information on epubs, but none that covers this exact problem. Does anyone have a fix for this please? Ta.


  • The short and unfortunate answer is: not a good fix.

    Epubs need to be able to resize based on screen size and settings, but the image is a fixed pixel size, so we recommend making them inline and letting them stand on their own line. 

    That doesn't address your problem though. I think the only real options are either a fixed layout epub (which Lulu doesn't have the ability to distribute at the moment) or a PDF ebook.

    There are some hacks you can do in Word and Calibre to twist and manipulate the text/images, but in my experience the results are inconsistent and often poor. 
  • Thanks, Paul, not good news as such, but it's good to know I can't do it rather than labour on. 
  • A bit more on this: what are people's thoughts on using just images for epubs? And by this I mean the text as well? Are these accepted by the masses? Or are they frowned upon? The reason I am asking; I don't want to disrupt the formatting and the layout of the file as it is now, and by converting all pages, whether text or text with images, to just image files, would be 1 way of retaining the book's look.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    The text in an ePub becomes part of the program that an ePub actually is. It allows e-readers to change the font and the size of it. If the text is part of an image then that's not possible. But there are people who make ePub 'comics' that are only images. I have no idea how e-readers treat images, can they be zoomed in and out of like, say, Tablet screens?
  • While I hate to ever tell someone Lulu isn't the right solution, for an ebook entirely made of images, you might need to consider a service more tailored to that kind of ebook. I think fixed layout is still the way to go if you plan to use all images.

    Doing a flowing EPUB with images can work, but it would take some tinkering with the image dimensions to make sure everything sized correctly (for most screens) and was still clear enough to be read easily. 
  • Ta, Paul. Much to think about.
  • In your original document, click on each image, cut it (EDIT>CUT), then paste it into the text where you want it. Always best to paste it into its own paragraph, so text doesn't have to flow around it.
       Avoid images containing text. They are often unreadable on many devices, and some vendors will disqualify your ePub. Flowable text is the power of ePubs, so stick with real text. Good luck!
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