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please excuse me first of all, I am very new to all this, and thus, confusion has already sunk its teeth into me! I understand LuLu only works business days (that’s the part I DO get), but the timescale is somewhat confusing, and I’m sure it shouldn’t be. I made an order of a batch of books last Thursday 16th, and the note on my account still states the word ‘fulfilling’, despite an email from a lady (after my initial contact) stating that I’d been upgraded to a faster delivery, and that my books would be with me before the 28th (my signing date). Am freaking out a little as have tried to explain to potential readers, but one or two of them are breathing down my neck 😱😧


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    Assuming your order is being printed in your own country, then, assuming the books are softcover, then barring a large order, I think you should get your books in time. If, however, it is a large order, or the country where you are does not have a Lulu print partner, or maybe the size and type cannot be printed where you are, then the order may not arrive by the date you want them to. It's only softcover orders which have the 5 working days print time applied to them, and this is of course is separate from the shipping time.
  • Thank you, they ARE softcover
  • Hi AuthorJem,

    Our printers are currently working through record volume for the current academic year. This has, in some cases, caused print times to be extended beyond our regular expectations. Our printers have been working additional shifts and are steadily catching up.

    We have gone ahead and upgraded your shipping to overnight. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience as we work to catch up on printing orders.

  • Thank you very much for clarifying the situation for me, I do appreciate it. Must be a hell of a lot of work for you all! Many thanks also for the upgrade- I’m grateful for your kind gesture:)
    kind regards, 
    Jemma x
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