Can I resize the fonts on my title page in cover wizard?

Book uploaded.  Cool! Problems with fonts being too large on the title of book cover.  Is there a way to size them down at this stage?  if so I have not founds it.  Please help.  thank you.


  • If you've used Lulu's own tools for adding text, then, yes, you can change it, but you will need to revise the project to do so. Don't worry, all the info that's there and you want to keep, including the contents file, will all still be there, although you may have to allow the Lulu grinder to reprocess it, but a second-time around jolly is usually very rapid. When back at the cover stage, you then look for the font options, including size; do a bit of trial and error, download the cover PDF after it's been processed, see what size is best. It's easy to upload, then go back a step if something's not quite right. Best of luck.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    This is the complete guide to the one that opens by default (called the New one, but is actually now old!)  scroll down for how to mess with the text.

    John is right that in order to get to the Cover Wizard you have to use Revise and just keep clicking Create and Continue, and carry on right to the very end, also, or it will remain as Draft.

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