Complete book overhaul possible once on Amazon?

My books have been on Amazon & BN for yrs. now BUT after going through a divorce, (after 25 yrs of marriage)Id like to remove my dedication and mentions of my ex-husband from my books. Not out of anything negative, mind you, but because that's simply not who I am anymore. I'd like to do some touching up, if possible, including to the covers. Is this possible? Is there a charge? Is it hard to do? 


  • It is definitely possible.

    Start on Lulu and revise your book book, replacing the interior file with your updated one and making any cover changes, etc.. Once you've published this new edition, you will need to purchase and review a proof copy to approve the book for distribution. 

    Once you do this, we send the updated files to our partners and they start selling the book using the updated files. Do note that there is up to 8 weeks of lag time after you approve the new version. Most often retailers won't take the full 8 weeks for an update, but they are allowed to take that long.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    With so many changes it should by rights need a new ISBN, because it will no longer be the same book. Having said that, if you have not sold many or any, no one will notice if you simple Revise, as Paul suggested! I assume the Copyright is solely yours to do with as you please? In other-words, is there a joint copyright?

    BTW, when in the content upload section of Revise/Project Wizard, delete the old file, or it will combine old with new into one file.

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