Lionel Reginald Egg in "The Death of Neggativity!"

Lionel Reginald Egg is a hard-boiled private investigator who has seen it all and then some. Divorced from his wife and estranged from his daughter after a tragic accident which resulted in the death of his stepmother, Egg finds his only remaining solace in endless bottles of abnormally flavored booze and the equally endless surprises of his supernaturally large and gifted cat, Hudson-Man, who serves as his partner in anti-crime, and who may or may not be from space.

When Egg is approached by Yessica Buompensiero to investigate her son’s murder by a corrupt police officer, against his better judgment, he takes on the case, desperate for cash, but in doing so, ends up unwittingly stumbling onto a national conspiracy that will forever change America, and not for the better.

Amalgamating the classic, scathing social critique of the tough as nails private eye with elements of science fiction and the comedic absurd, this book is an entirely unique ride that will at turns shock, humor, and boggle the mind.
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