Information about book on forum need to be deleted?

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So, when I started writing my book, I was a part of a writer's forum where I would post information about the world of my book and get feedback from people on it. I never shared any info about my book's plot but I was wondering if I would need to delete this information if I wanted to get my book published?


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It's your book and the words are assumingly all your copyright, so I would say no, unless that forum's rules say otherwise. Some forum sites have a blanket copyright, meaning that what you put on to them becomes their property. But if you did not give away the plot there, what does it matter? In fact use that forum for when you do publish.

    Lulu's rules in regard to such things just insist that you have the right to publish what you publish. 

  • Okay, I just wasn't sure since I've seen and heard stories about publishers who wanted to be the sole source of information about the book. I know Lulu is designed to help you self-publish but, I wasn't sure if there might be something similar in the terms of service I just hadn't been able to see.
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    All Lulu care about  is if you have the right to publish, other than that you can also publish anywhere you like. I use both Lulu and Amazon for the same books. (Lulu for ePubs and printed. Amazon for Kindle books.)
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