Castle's Keeper: A Song of Love and Justice

This is very odd. I posted this announcement two days ago and here it showed up again this morning?

Castle's Keeper: A Song of Love and Justice

This novel has been written for those readers who love rhymes
A story of romance and war in fabled olden times.
Let its rhythm and its color take you on a trip
Feel your cares and burdens loosed and from your shoulders slip!

A knight and lady and a tyrant and a dragon too
In an epic struggle fight to free their love so true
And right the wrongs that caused their righteous nation's tragic fall
To bring about a lasting peace and freedom once for all.

Below, a sample for your pleasure (and to set the hook
That brings you back to get your copy of this unique book):
Share the pain and pleasure, feel the life inside you flow
Then spread the word to all discerning readers that you know!

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