In My Liverpool Home - All 163 Verses - (and counting!

In 1962, Liverpool folk musician and songwriter Pete McGovern, unleashed on the world a fun, 6 verse folk song celebrating the life, culture and history of the home town he loved dearly, Liverpool - and the song? - In My Liverpool Home. He was not to know it then (although as years went by he sure did), but Liverpool / Merseyside folks were so taken with the song and the idea, and the melody helped too of course, that new verses began to be added. Sometimes this was fellow folk musicians and writers, but just as often, it was ordinary folks who loved a singsong in the pub or in their own parlour. Here, now, 56 years later, the song has mushroomed to 163 verses (and is still growing!), and here they are in the form of a single A5 book on Link below:
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