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Well, I know I changed my name as shown in the forum (although it still says Kevin) but in retrospect I have thought that only peoples' real and full names should be displayed, for no other reason than it would make it easier to find their books.
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  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    No one keen on that idea then? In the early days of the internet it was advised to never use one's real name, particularly if you was a child in a chatroom. But of course that also allowed people to hide behind an AKA. When I had my own websites they had my real full name on it, as do many other peoples' sites. The basic thing is, what do the people with AKAs have to hide? Interestingly, most of the names used on Facebook etc., are people's real names.
  • SeamusSeamus Creator
    Sounds good!
    Tim Reinholt Author of Pow, a ski bum heist adventure
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