Espresso Network Distribution

I just noticed on another POD that the Espresso Network was enabled. Please add this to Lulu Distribution as well. It's yet another market. Not everyone wants to pay for shipping nor wants to read a digital book.

Thank you.
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  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Do you mean the POD machines promised to be set up in every bookshop and library etc? I personally have never seen any. They are also limited to the size of book they can create are they not? Is it A5? It would save shipping costs, that was perhaps the idea, but they are expensive machines which take a lot of expensive printouts to pay for, which is a shame, because it was one of the reasons behind POD. Is the Espresso Network different from where Ingrams list to? I wonder if there's a list of who has one? (Annoyingly it is also a brand of coffee and machine, which is mainly what Search brings up!)
  • Blackwells seem to be the main place for these. Perhaps it would have been better to market it under their banner, so as to force separate search returns. Highly expensive though, and from what reports I've read over the years, it seems to be mainly wealthy students who use the machines to make a book out of their thesis's (thesi?!). Still, I love to dabble so will have a go one day.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    I do believe they are also to be found in some universities. The machines as well as wealthy students.
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