Revision or Supplement Book

One of my martial arts books does fairly well but has gotten some bad reviews, mostly from people who don't understand the workings of internal martial arts. Some asked questions in their reviews either showing me that they didn't read the book or pay attention. I thought of revising the book adding more detail or perhaps putting out a short companion book or volume two perhaps to go into more detail on the first book. What do you do think would work best? My teacher never gives out everything and watches to see if you train what he already gave you and if you do he gives you more or helps you understand what he taught you. Some of these people for sure want a fast short cut to what the book offers and it doesn't exist. One reviewer even commented that I enjoy tormenting people and must have mental problems LOL. He'd never make it in the temples. But anyway any advice on the matter? Make a revision with more detail which would keep sales about the same. Or a companion guide with the detail which might help sales a little?


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