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Poor quality on images after first printing

What can I do to ensure the quality of the images (which are already high resolution) are good on printings after the first one? I have a few copies of a book with black and white images and the second and third copies are rather horrid. The first is good. The quality deteriorated after the first.


  • Hi Blossom Barden,

    It sounds like you experienced a print defect. I am going to create a support case for you with our print team and request some images. They will be able to investigate what might have occurred.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    One problem is that unless we buy many of our own books, we never really get to sample if the QC is up to scratch. The only people who do see are those others who buy the books.

    The other problem is Lulu try to have the books printed as close to the order address as possible, which means they are not always printed by the same printers. Do they all have the same QC in motion, and all printing to the exact same specification defaults?

    Does Lulu's Print Manager ask for regular samples from the various printing companies?

  • Hi Kevin,

    We do constantly ask for samples from all of our printers.

    We hold them all to the same QA standard. Naturally, materials will vary slightly from place to place but we still expect a certain level of quality in our products.
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