Uploading a Photoshop creation

Can I use Photoshop to create my book, illustrations and text and then upload to Lulu? Would this be compatible to how they print on demand?


  • As long as you can create a PDF that meets our formatting guidelines, we can print it!
  • facsmthfacsmth Author
    edited June 2018
    Export the doc into .JPG I guess. Then run thru oonverter. Does this work? Interior pages, right?

    I tried sending a PDF thru converter and it was wrong size/ was rezised to the correct print one. The resulting printed book had print bleeding over the guttter on right side. I hoped it hadn't ruined the press with ink leaking out. I mean the right margin was no margin at all and the words were half-printed and the right side of the book had black all over that side of the book, facing the pages edge-on. hard to describe, really. . 
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Photoshop only creates single images does it not? So you would have to create each page individually and upload them to a Project Wizard one at a time , in the correct order. (And they have to all be the right size for the project you are doing.) Or you can create a Word file and paste the images to the pages, Save As one PDF, and upload just that.
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