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Will the low print quality warning print on my cover?

This seems like a ridiculous question but I know the image on the reverse of my cover is low image quality but it's basically just a solid colour with a misty finish so it really won't matter. I'm happy with how it appears on the screen and if it looks somehow horrific when I get my proof then I'll change it.

What does annoy me though is that there's now a great big, yellow warning triangle in the corner of my back cover which can be seen on the preview screen. Does this mean the warning is going to print directly onto my cover? 

Also worth asking whilst I'm here(!) is how to actually get text onto the cover through the new cover wizard? I'll keep fiddling in the meanwhile to try and work it out but if I can't find it then it would be handy to know the answers to both!

Thank you in advance!


  • The warning won't print on your cover. Once you've converted the file to "print ready" you'll be able to download and review the actual file we'll use for printing to ensure it looks good.

    Regarding text on the cover, you'll need to some varying layout options to find one with text boxes you want to use. Unfortunately, the cover tool doesn't have the capability to manually reposition the text boxes at this time.
  • VictoriaHVictoriaH UK Writer
    Thank you for your response, I've managed to get the text on there now using the layout options and pleased to know that the warning won't appear on the printed version.
    On most of my covers the triangle warning appeared but did not show on the finished product.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    It is surely best to do something to get rid of that warning? It normally means the image is too low a res, or too small, or both. Both problems are easy to fix, and there's a chance they may not print out as you expect them to, or even as they look in the PR PDF, if you do not fix them.
  • On my last few covers, I bit the bullet and bought a first-rate photo editor. I can only run it on one of my PCs (I use obsolete OSes on the others) but it enables me to make very good-looking (imho) covers that have the text where I want it, when I want it, and how I want it.

    Unfortunately, there is a certain learning curve in using a new photo editor, so there would be an investment in both time and cost. Hopefully, the returns (high quality one-piece covers) would be worth the time and money for you.

    Just a thought.
  • I have Photoshop and a book called 100% Photoshop by Caplin. Teaches to make graphics from scratch. But of course you can get photos from and then use the program to edit them. I think the yellow triangle is to warn that the graphic you're using might be as clear once it's printed. I noticed that when I ignored it once.
  • VictoriaHVictoriaH UK Writer
    Thanks for your comments, it turned out that once the print ready cover came up in preview I wasn't happy with the quality after-all. Who knew it would matter on something like that?! So I changed the image on the back.

    I've ordered my proofs ready to distribute to my focus group and it seems to be taking F O R E V E R for them to print. It's been queued up to print for a week now. Fingers crossed it will be today (the 5th business day) and they'll get shipped? I really wanted to hand them out on Friday!
  • Hi VictoriaH,

    We are quite busy this time of the season due to schools placing last minute orders. I do see that your order is currently on it's fourth business day of printing. If it doesn't ship out tomorrow, I recommend to contact support for an update.
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