Zero revenue?

edited June 2018 in Print Books
I just received my sales report and noticed one of my print book sold at Ingram AU but generated zero revenue. Two other print books at Amazon US  generated 35p each and another book at Ingram US also 35p. On my creator revenue, my selling price is listed at £9-99 and most of my books I make somewhere around £1 per print book, which is fine. This has happened to me quite regular over the many years I've been with Lulu. Yes, I will be told it is to do with world currencies and the weakness of Sterling, but why only certain books? I have checked my set up and all are listed as the same price and revenue. I have contacted the admins and await reply. I accept the paltry returns on our months of toil, but expect paying for my books. Anyone else have the same problem? 


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