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I have just created an ebook (first volume of a series of six) and overall it looks ok, but I have some issues. First, within the book there are some poetries, so in the original text they are indented some, and have a space every four lines. In the ebook they are quite messy, the space is replaced by no indentation, or non aligned. I have a lot of notes, in pdf or word I am used to seeing the content of the note by hovering on the link, in the ebook it doesn't seem to work well like that, at least not with some readers. The images are always on the left side, no way to have them centered, and no way to enlarge them, which is annoying. Then there is another issue due to the fact that the book is in italian, and the breaking of syllables at line end is hapzard. Adobe reader makes a mess with image captions on more than one line, Freda works much better on that. Well, if you can give me some advice on some of this issues, i'll be very thankful


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    Do you mean an ePub or a PDF? If an ePub, then the text is free-flowing and controlled by the device, and it has to be simply formatted. It's basically just plain text. You also have no control over where the images will be on an e-reader screen. I don't know why hyphenation is working because when creating a file for an ePub it should be turned off. You cannot have hyperlinks, apart from a TOC.

    An ePub is a program that an e-reader does with to its capabilities.

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    Yes, listen carefully and ask again if I am not clear.

    Set up each part/text type exactly as you want it. Highlight it, right click and ASSIGN NEW QUICKSTYLE.

    Name it. Example, poems centered. Poems left. Poems no indent. Poems space after. Use shift plus tab if you do not want huge spaces between lines but want them between paragraphs.

    It's all possible. Start playing with it. Save a backup.

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