In Don's Montana Kitchen: Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Gourmet Cooking From the Edge of the Wilderness

This book presents innovative approaches to gluten-free and dairy-free gourmet cooking.  If food and cooking have long been important in your life, it can be a daunting task to cook tasty, interesting food when you can no longer eat many of the mainstays of modern or classic French cooking, which involve gluten and dairy.  It was for me.  The trick has been to come up with gluten-free, dairy-free food which is also interesting and delicious. Many of the recipes also incorporate oriental influences, especially Chinese regional, Thai, and Indian. Much of this cookbook was developed using wild game. If game is not available, where the recipes call for game, you can use these recipes for grass-fed beef or lamb.  Many of these recipes revolve around sauces, whether incorporated into the dish as it cooks, or as a stand-alone sauce added to meats once they are cooked.  This makes it easy to substitute different meats.

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