Resize Barcode

Does anyone know how to resize the bar code to fit Lulu specs without causing the bar code to be unreadable?


  • How far out from the Lulu specs for these, is your barcode? I know these come in different sizes, but they do tend to be all within the same ballpark and I can't envisage adjusting to the Lulu specs would be a problem. If you literally mean how, then in your graphics prog, load the image, and untick the box/es for resizing proportionally, so you can set separate widths and heights. If you're stuck with a PDF for this and haven't got a full PDF editor, then use a prog, or an online service which can convert them to image files, it will be easier to sort then. As a last gasp solution (I have done this, it worked for me, I cannot guarantee it will for you, but you can try), load the PDF at full size, take a screenshot, and select 'Paste as New Image' in your prog. Then crop away the guff, immediately save as a PNG, save to 300 DPI at least, or higher, then resize the dimensions. Best of luck.
  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor
    Don't play with the barcode. It will result in a mess. Enter ISBN and generate a new one using free online barcode generator. Download as EPS file so as to not affect the quality. 

    I have the link on my PC. If you haven't found one by tomorrow I'll come and post the link.
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  • I dunno, Em, most barcode images I've ever had, from Lulu or elsewhere, have been pretty robust. I've embiggened them, reduced them, and no problem. But yes, if a new one can be generated, then that's the best solution.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    If I recall right, at the Dist/barcode section of the Wizards, when an ISBN is entered it gives you the option to download the generated barcode. I assume that will be the 'correct' size, so I have to ask, why do you wish to change the size of it? On my Lulu covers they are always 2 and 3/8ths" by 1 and 1/8th", if that helps. (Lulu generated in the 'Normal' Cover Wizard.) 
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