Now ebook rejected for missing the table of contents Lulu suggested we take out

Yesterday it was references to page numbers. Today we got rejected for "a missing or inaccurate table of contents" after they suggested as a fix to the page references taking out the table of contents. What the hell is going on?

My artist who's trying to handle all this (I'm a technophobe) is going crazy trying to figure out what Lulu wants. I want to get one of those Lulu services things so Lulu can help us get this right but will Lulu deal with my artist instead of me because she's the one making the content?

This is WAY TOO COMPLICATED. And Lulu's advice is FAR FROM  CLEAR.



  • Ebooks are deceptively easy, to the point that it can be complicated. For the table of contents, we need to generate it from Heading styles. So set a Heading style to any text that should appear in the ToC.

    This must include the title as the first entry. And the title must match the title on the cover and the title you entered on the title step. The first line of the first page of your Word doc should be the title in Heading 1. Most will use Heading 1 for all ToC entries, but you can use Heading 2 and 3 as well.

    Set all other text to Normal. Make sure all images are inline. Do not include a table of contents (such as the one Word can generate) or any internal links that appear listed as a table of contents. Links to a web URL or to notes/appendix within the document are fine.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    In a nutshell, as Paul says, on Lulu it's the Convertor that creates the TOC, so including a pre-made one is not required. It's a different manner creating a file for Amazon where a TOC has to be created before uploading directly to their convertor. This can confuse those who use both Lulu and Amazon to create ebooks on.
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