eBook rejected. Told to "remove any references to pages.." Huh?

I recently republished a previously published ebook. I had been reviewed and accepted. But now when I put the same book back out it was rejected and we were told to "please remove any references to pages as an ebook is a free flowing format" and was given the suggestion to "you may wish to simply remove your table of contents or index". There isn't one. Just the page numbering system embedded in the document. Do they mean remove that? Or to take the page numbers off of the actual book pages themselves?

Any help would be appreciated. As would a customer service number for Lulu so that I can speak to an actual customer service rep who can help us.



  • Hi Darryl,

    Epubs are flowable text. Readers can resize the Epub on their device and the text will shift accordingly. I would recommend to remove the page numbers entirely along with any reference to page numbers within the text.

    Our Order support line can answer General questions and be reached at 844-212-0689, option 2.
  • Thank you.
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