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Image quality for premium paperback?

Will the premium perfect bound paperback work well for an exhibition catalog that is almost entirely images? Will they be as high quality as with the photo book?


  • I've had both, in terms of quality the photo book is better than a colour book. Whether the colour book will suffice as an exhibition catalogue; I would say it's borderline as it is only a catalogue, whereas if the idea was, as silly as it sounds, to make the pages part of the exhibit proper, then, no, the colour books here are not quite at that standard. But to be fair, they are still very good. I know it's a fair amount of dosh, but why not splash out on one each (as I did a couple of times) and then judge what's what?
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    The paper Lulu's printers use does seem a higher quality than found in the average book. It's perfect white for a start. But it is possible to slightly see the text through it.
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