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Hello to all,

Without exaggerating, yesterday I have spent over 4 hours at Lulu and Google to find out a way, any way, to be able to find 2 'ghostly' places which are talked about everywhere but those are absolutely invisible at Lulu; I mean what is in my title's descripion! How hard I tried(!), searching, searching and searching, I have never been able to find such place at Lulu enabling you to upload your book cover during the process of creating an eBook, and it is frustrating because my cover is ready for upload but until now useless. Yes, you can upload a marketing image but that is useless, since it will not be embedded in your final eBook!
Where all this becomes so weird, is that last year as a test I uploaded an ebook AND cover to Lulu and the job was done in minutes only and I was fascinated of the quality of Lulu's outstanding online service and its ease of use! I can only conclude that somehow, Lulu must have changed his website and made this option unavailable. But then, there is no place telling how you what to do instead, there is no 'plan B', and the PDF manuals from Lulu don't tell you anything about any way to fix his. I have read them again and again, in both French and English.

Could I get some help, please? Could you solve my so irritating problem?

Thank you beforehand and best regards,


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  • Hello Kevin and Paul,

    I’m very happy with your response, because now I understand how it all works, and why I was never able to find that / my personalised cover in the bookshelf of my ebook reader! Obviously, last year I must have done things right (going through the entire process) as a very first test and this is why it worked then, but meanwhile I have forgotten that detail and never went beyond just finalising the marketing image very recently (was it 2 days ago?).

    Anyway, gentlemen, you couldn’t have been more explicit and chrystal clear with your replies, and thank you very much to have taken so much of your time in assisting me! My problem has been solved, and this is absolutely great! I also agree that ‘marketing image’ is confusing... providing, as I did, you don’t go beyond it, till a full availability in your personal Lulu shop.

    I will only publish my book in June or July but I was already testing what the end result would be like! My book is now definitely ‘Lulu ready’ and the conversion is great but some last proofings of my book will need to be done before that!

    Best regards from Belgium!
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Now, there is one little annoying hang up that we've never gone back and fixed for authors - when you publish your ebook, as an author you cannot download that final, for sale version. You can download the epub and the cover, but not the final version that a reader gets when they make a purchase.

    You can Paul. I have just downloaded and viewed an ePub from my Projects just to make sure. But it's not embedded right away. There's some lag, but I am not sure how long. It may be a day, it may be longer, but eventually it is included in the ePub file to be found via Projects - Revise.

    This is a well documented issue and something we would clearly fix when the ebook creator is updated, but (as I've learned from years of complaining about this) our ebook tool is complicated and challenging to make changes too.

    I have not seen any one mention it as a problem in the forums. Just some who do not know they need an ePub reader to open it.

    And yes, calling the 'Cover' a 'Marketing Image' can be confusing. The Covers created here for printed books are also 'Marketing Images,' when used for that.  :)
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

     providing, as I did, you don’t go beyond it, till a full availability in your personal Lulu shop.

    Surely unless a Project Wizard is 100% completed, a book remains as a 'Draft?' as listed in the Projects. It does not get published. Or did you just keep clicking Continue, doing nothing, until the Wizard had finished?

  • Hello Kevin an Paul,

    My problem has been absolutely fixed now, and the cover of my ebook is 'shining' on the bookshelf of my iPad eBook reader. However, I feel that your problem isn't fixed because now we know that you have a problem too : That cover issue can become confusing for the customers. But I think it will be easy to correct. Please allow me to provide  you some details of my findings:

    Unlike what you said Kevin, I have just performed a 'test' with a new project, and the result of that test is that unlike what you think, it seems that there is no delay at all, the book cover is embedded absolutely immediately! My delay was... Less than one minute only, less than 60 seconds; the time it takes to reach the correct file! But, as you can guess, there is a 'catch':

    The problem is that as long that you are in that eBook upload wizzard, you can't download a correct ePub file with its cover included; you can indeed already upload (on 2 different pages inside that wizzard) an ePub file bu it will always be wihout the cover. This is how I got stuck for hours as I said, this is how I desperaly tried to download the ePub with the cover; I failed each time because I kept staying inside of the wizzard, creating a 'Groundhog-day-like' loop', as long as I was stuck there!

    It is not clearly said inside the wizzard pages that you need to exit the wizzard to reach the correct ePub file with the cover. What makes matters a lot worse, is that inside the wizzard, next to the crucial marketing image (which will also definitely become the book cover), there is a '?' question mark next to it, and here below you can read what appears on a little pop-up page when you click on that '?' question mark:

    'Create a thumbnail image of your book. This image is displayed as the book cover on your product page and in search and browse results. This image is used for marketing only, and will not be inserted into your EBOOK file. To include this image as the first page of your EBOOK, you must add it to your source document offline, then re-upload and replace your source file for this project'.

    Kevin and Paul, I suspect that this text was meant first for a printed book release elsewhere on your site, and then, to fit this page, the text got slightly edited, and the words Book got a little 'e' before them, to then become 'eBook' (where I have put the words EBOOK in capital letters). It is this text that confused me entirely, and made me desperately search for answers, which I have finally found via both of you!

    Obviously this text should be changed in something like :

    'This image is used for marketing, but it will also become the cover of your book; to be sure to include this image as the cover your eBook, you must go through this entire wizzard till the last page, where you will find a link towards your Lulu submissions. Click on that link, a new page will open in your browser, and you will find your new project together with its epub file. This is the file you will need to upload, if you want your cover image to be embedded.

    There is the saying, 'The best is the ennemy of he good'. I'm not sure I would make any radical changes to your online software, that is in fact works so great, now I know what the issue is. No, what I would suggest to change will be much easier: To provide your customers with the right, accurate information, telling them, with your well chosen words, that on the one hand inside the wizzard you have already access to your ePub file, so that you can have a very quick opportunity to already verify if it all has been converted well, but on the other hand, if you want the cover of your book embedded too, you have to leave the wizzard and reach your projects page where the correct file with embedded cover can be found.

    I hope that I have been helpful, Kevin and Paul,

    Have a great day!

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