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UK list price of colour books/color books

YorkshireLadYorkshireLad York, England Reader
Shame that the list price in the UK is so much higher for a colour book compared to the USA - my book example is £14.99 (approx $20.2) in the UK, compared to 13.1 USD (approx 9.7 GBP) for the same book in USA! I hope Lulu can address this issue, and also the misleading Book Cost Calculator in this respect. A high list price can severely impair the likelihood of sales.

Also, if you choose the high quality glossy paper for colour, this is fine if orders come direct from Lulu, but when other printers supply the book it can come on inferior paper, meaning your book doesn't look so good. Lulu should surely insist that other printers provide the same quality.

Have any other authors had issues like this?


  • The print cost varies by region because we employ localized printers in our network. Unfortunately, this makes it challenging to normalize pricing. We are working on this though! I don't know exactly how "uniform" pricing will become going forward, but we're trying to get a more standard price across regions and currencies.

    Sadly, books in distribution printed by Amazon and Ingram will often use lower quality materials. This directly impacts their profits, so I doubt they will be making a change anytime soon.
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