Need info on color space and soft proofing

Where do I find the specs for preparing files that started out as psd files in Prophoto and have to be converted to srgb or cmyk for printing.  I am not finding this anywhere and need to soft proof (I assume) before finishing.


  • Hi Lauren,

    We recommend to convert to CMYK for printing. We do provide the print ready interior and print ready cover for you to review before you publish the content.

    We recommend to submit a PDF file. Here is our knowledge base article with recommended PDF creation settings:

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    One often sees that said, but CMYK was (and still is at times) colour separations for the use in non-POD, non-bubblejet/laser printers. POD machines do not use printing plates. Granted, for colour they do use CMYK (and black) cartridges, but in a single pass, not as individual plates in four or more printing processes.

    What I use to create my images is simply set to 'millions of colours' and I work on and Save as (for my covers) jpgs. The art/photo prog I use is capable of setting an existing image to CMYK, and if I ever try that option it literally separates the colours (just those four, and black) in to individual images. An interesting effect, but unnecessary!

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