Awakening - Book One of Petra's Story

Awakening - Book One of Petra's Story

The first day at a new school in a new city is a traumatic and nerve wracking experience for any teenager, but Petra Connell is no ordinary teenager, and this is not just her first day at a new school – it is her first day at any school.

Petra is fifteen years old, she is at least five years ahead of anyone her age academically, and she can speak three languages. The problem is that she has no memories before waking up in a hospital bed, after being in a coma for three years. She believes her head injuries were caused by a tragic accident that killed her parents, but they cannot be found. That was five years ago, and she has never been in the real world before.

In addition to the terrors of trying to make friends, dealing with the school bully, and trying to fit into a world she does not really understand, she requires a cocktail of drugs every day to keep her alive. Then there is the second consciousness in her head who invades her dreams every night, and is slowly gaining a foothold in her waking state.

Awakening is the first part of Petra’s story where she tries to come to terms with who she thinks she is. All she wants is to be a normal teenager, but the entity in her head has other ideas, and her mysterious guardians know more than they are telling her.



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