In a need of PPScript

Hello everyone,

I have heard about the PPScript feature, and  I think the new modular PPScript feature is great! But The only thing is that i dont have that deep knowledge about coding , so I'm expecting for a little help: I have created Blockchain Technology Advantages eBook and I want a PPScript that I can apply to my eBooks category that, upon successful download, will check for .mobi format and e-mail the file to a specific e-mail address. If .mobi doesn't exist, send an e-mail to a different address with a status of: "No .mobi for <book>" and list the files downloaded. If successful, also send the status report (AKA Do the same as existing

The purpose of this would be to add automatically an eBook to your Kindle Cloud collection via Docs, which works by sending the document to your <user> address. There should probably be support for multiple e-mails to be sent if multiple .mobi files are found i.e. a collection.If anyone can create this and is interested to create then , it would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime I will look into this myself to see if I can modify the existing script to fit my needs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you,


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