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Problem with Print-ready file

I did enter a support ticket for this, but somebody might have an idea as well.

I am making a sheet music book, and have made several successfully before with no issues. However, when Lulu converts my (perfect) PDF file into a print-ready file, some of the notes get messed up on some pages - the stems and dots have become detached and other issues spoil the book. On the attachment, the notes are sticking above the beams. 

I suppose the broader question for non-musicians is what can go wrong between the conversion of a good PDF to a print ready file when the PDF is diagrams (ie not words, in this case, music).

And if something does get messed up, what are the likely reasons for this? 


  • I managed to sort out this issue - I started again from scratch and converted the whole project from an A4 file to a US letter file and the issues have gone. Could somebody from the LULU team kindly say that my support case 01722751 has now been resolved? 
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    That is a strange problem, because why is it even able to move the notes etc., around? How did you create them? Is the music not single flattened jpg images?
  • I made the notes on a program called Sibelius and then made then into PDFs which then got combined with a few pages of Word files to make the book. They are PDFs, but have never been JPEGs as such. It is only when I made the print ready file that things started to go wrong. I have sorted this out now and used a different PDF file, but I'm still interested to know how the print-ready stage can make changes to a fully compatible and mistake-free PDF file. 
  • I'm not familiar with Sibelius but the most likely cause for shifting of this sort when you upload your PDF would be layers.

    Our converter does a couple very specific things to your PDF - most notably flattening the file to a single layer. My best guess would be that converting from Sibelius to PDF did not flatten the pages and when our system did so, it mucked up the content.

    You can always ask our support staff about this, I'm sure someone on our print team can provide a more detailed answer.
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