Amazon price not updated on paperback

Last month I updated my paperback and on Amazon everything but the price has been updated. I tried to address it through CreateSpace, but they said I was not authorized on the account and that they would be getting back to the account holder.
1) Would that be Lulu as I published through you with one of your ISBNs?
2) How do I go about getting Amazon to update the price on my Paperback book to match what it should?


  • Hi Jon,

    Your book would be through our account since we are distributing for you.

    It takes Amazon 6-8 weeks to update any sort of change on the listing. I show the paperback was last revised at the end of March. If you do not see a change around Mid-May, I would encourage you to reach out to Support
  • Ok.. Thanks Taylor.. I just asked because the book cover and everything else had be updated, but not the price. Found it strange. 

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