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Hi, I'm looking to create a print book of worksheets-type-things in Lulu, but I have designed them all in Pages for Mac. The templates and advice that Lulu provide seem to all be for Word. Are there templates/advice for Pages or can anyone confirm the dimensions I need to create a template in Pages? (A4 saddle stitch, full colour) 



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    Hi pianoTRACKS,

    Our A4 size is 8.26 x 11.69 in. It is recommended to size your file to that size. If you want the file to be full bleed, you will have to size it to 8.51 x 11.94 in.

    Please note that we do not recommend Pages as it is a text editor and not a word processor. The original formatting of the file will not be retained even though it is possible to export a PDF or Word Doc.

    We usually recommend OpenOffice or Libre Office as alternatives for Microsoft Word.

  • Thanks for the reply Taylor. That's disappointing. Sadly I don't have capacity to switch everything over as it loses all my formatting. I will have to rethink. 
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    When I first came to Lulu I was using a WP prog that saved under it's own suffix, that could only be opened by the same prog, or printed, so I had to change to Word, and yes, reformat everything. It's possibly one of the 'charms' of being a self-publisher :) And then there's epubs ...

    From what I have read in the forums, people even using Word for Mac have bother getting Lulu's Printbook Wizards to use the files it has created.

    (Actually, I think Lulu's ePub Wizard will now allow files created on all manner of devices. But only as RTFs I think Pages for Mac is one of them.)

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