Different revenue.

I accessed my revenue page earlier and the start date was set at 4th April. I reset it to the 1st to record my sales and the figures for copies of my free book, Blood Money differed. With the days set at the 4th it showed eighteen downloads in the US, but set to the 1st, they disappeared. This happened with a few other copies of this book too in India. Because they are free books, I'm not too concerned, but could this have been happening in the past with my paid books? I have contacted the admins and await reply.  


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    The Lulu revenue default is to show the revenue for the past 30 days. I can't say that I fully understand your issue as, if the start date was set to either 01 or 04 April, you would most likely be seeing no report at all.

    To see your sales properly it is best to use the custom option - perhaps 01 Jan 2017 to the present date.  Sales don't disappear; they just don't show on the revenue report unless you increase the range, so you haven't lost any sales.

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    Having been with Lulu for several years, I am accustomed to the revenue facility. I meant the Ist march and not April. Sorry for that. I'm saying if I alter the viewing of the date by a few days some of my sales vanish. I'm not sure which is correct. When I access my revenue, it is showing from 7th Marchl until present day and eighteen copies of Blood Money. For logging my records I adjust the date from March 1st and those books are not showing. 
  • oncewasoncewas Librarian
    I'm guessing that when you set the start date to 01 March the end date is today's date? If so, you will have to wait to see what Support have to say.
  • This one is definitely beyond my knowledge. It sounds like the "end date" for the range you're setting may not be going through, but that's just me speculating. We'll have to wait and see what support can uncover.
    One of the admins contacted me and agreed something is wrong. He is looking into it and getting back to me soon.
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