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It would be VERY helpful if the "Project List" found on the "My Projects" page could specify the projects binding as Hardback, Paperback, or eBook.  I find it very tedious, after publishing the same book in all three formats, to make sure the correct version is being chosen for purchase or any changes to be made. 
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  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    I agree. The only categories are printed and e-book, and only then if you click it to sort them out. Then if you leave that page via clicking a Revise, and then return to My Projects, it has reset. It also never recalls which page of Project content one was on. I did start to at least state the size of a book in the Description. A5 for example. I started off with a large number of Pocketbooks, then reproduced them as A5s, and would like to delete the former, but I have no idea which they are now! Although the problem with that is they will still remain listed all over the internet!
  • Apologies that it took so long to circle back to this, I let it slip my mind (and didn't leave myself a note on my desk).

    Anyway, I've attached a screen shot of the Lulu xPress project listing box. I'm curious if this layout leaves anything to be desired in terms of project info.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    And that is how it's displayed in the actual Project list? If so then that would be handy because it would save having to click on Revise to see the important details. (BTW. Is Lulu xPress some place that Lulu's owner has bought and renamed? if not then it's a real shame those things were not updated here instead.)
  • That's a screen grab of my Account page on Lulu xPress.

    The site is a prototype of sorts. We rolled it out with a new publishing wizard to test the tool and work out kinks, while also giving our bulk and business customers a means to quickly move through the process without the layers distribution and retail add.

    In the coming years, the tools currently present in xPress, like the publishing wizard and product line, will be used to update Lulu.
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