Reselling books from other Lulu authors on Shopify

I'd like to be able to resell one or two books from other lulu authors on Shopify, setting my own price, of course., just like Resellers do on Amazon.

Also, I have two Lulu accounts, therefore I will have to function as a reseller for one of them.

Will this capability be possible using the Lulu Shopify App? If not, I recommend it.

I also recommend it on Lulu.
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  • The app itself will plug and play a book builder to your Shopify store - meaning you'll need the interior and cover file to use the app.

    That doesn't mean you can't sell another author's books, you'd just be on the hook to order and fulfill manually.

    As for the multiple accounts, the app will actually ask for a one time account creation and run everything on Shopify through that log in. This means the Shopify acct will be distinct from your Lulu acct. Direct import of existing Lulu titles to a retail app is a phase two feature - likely after we've developed integration for a couple more eCommerce platforms.
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    Ok, I understand 80% of it. Thank you, Paul.

    Regarding the lulu account that the Shopify will be connected to, will fulfillment be automatic? Or will I have to order the book myself and send to buyer via to the address they provide?

    The multiple eCommerce platforms is amazing. So happy Lulu is doing this.

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  • We have it designed so you can choose whether its automatic or manual.

    If you want, you can save a payment method for print costs and we'll start fulfilling the order immediately after it's placed. Alternatively, you can have Shopify notify you of an order and log in to pay the production costs.

    My understanding is that this is pretty much the standard operating procedure for Shopify.
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    That's amazing. Thank you.
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