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Unanswered Questions

I'm just wondering; this is my first book and I have pretty much no idea what I'm doing, however I do have an idea. I just completed my first book and I'm looking to publish. How do I determine whether a deal is good or not? I know I have to consider the percentage of the money I receive from the book because the company I publish with takes a share, and I have to think about the royalties of it. However, other than that I'm a fish out of water. Do you have any particular points for me to consider when choosing my publisher?


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    The 'deal' with Lulu is that it costs you nothing to use their book creation Wizard tools to publish here. Nothing to use their ISBNs and Distribution channels. They are all free, as is all the Help files you will find here.

    But if you create a printed book here, to get it beyond your Free Lulu Storefront and on to Amazon and many other sites (if you do use an ISBN) you will have to buy a Proof. Which is always a good idea anyway because there's an Approve button. If you do like how the Proof has turned out then you click Approve to set the Dist rolling. However, the Proof will only cost you the actual Cost of the book. Not whatever you have added as a profit. (Look on Create (while logged in) to see the Costs of the various book type and page count options using the tool on there.)

    Lulu of course will add to the Retail price, as will other retail outlets, but that is only deducted from the retail price of the book when one is sold. It's not out of your pocket.

    BTW. If you create an e-book here, there's no Proof to buy or to Approve.

    You say you have written a book, but I think you possibly mean you have written a file of pages. They will have to be formatted to 'fit' what is available her via Create. Take a read at this lot >>

  • What is a Proof?
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    It's the first print, to test if it's as you want it to be. By having it in your hands to read and to examine and to go back through the Wizard to Revise if need be.
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