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Pocket Book: formating rules?


I am struggling with the pocket template.

What font size should I use and what should the space between the lines be?

Are there any other things I need to take care of? Or is everything ready made in the template?
I copy pasted the whole book into the template (from a docx) ...

My original document had 168 pages, and now it are 340 hehe ...

So what should I set up to be a regular Pocket book? (the 6.x x 4.x inch)

When I count the line in a real pocket book per page, it are 38, I have 30 ... (with font size 9 times new roman)  How much line spacing should I set? Or did I destroy it by pasting from another word document?

I have googled, but nowhere I can find guidelines...

so net to font and line spacing, anything else?

PS: any idea how i can change the line spacing  of a content table?

many thanks


  • All right, for now I have font size 9 & line spacing 1, 8pts after each paragraph, looks pretty ok :-)
  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor
    Don't use the template. You'll spend too much time trying to undo what someone else did.

    My suggestions. The result is beautiful.
    6x9 bec you have mass distribution.
    12 point garamond, 1.15 spacing. Margins .5 all around, mirrored margins, gutter .3.

    Startwith a fresh Word document. Come back if you get stuck.

     A citizen of the world.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    The A5 format is also actually cheaper than Pocketbook, and you can also get more words per page in A5, so there's fewer pages. (On Lulu's UK site, the Pocketbook size can have an ISBN, though.)

    I use Single spacing. A sort of rule of thumb is that (I forget the technical term for them now) if the dangly bits of letters do not hit the sticky up bits of the letters below them, then the spacing is about right. Single does that, with a mite of white space between them to spare.

    I use a .25 Gutter.

    Really though, it can depend on the page count and the binding type. The greater the number of pages, the larger the gutter, and ditto for hardbacks regardless of page count because they are often stiffer.

    To be honest, margins can vary depending on the accuracy when the books are sliced to level them up. At one time .25" was often slashed off! So I used .75" margins. That no longer seems to be the case, so I too am back to .50". But keep an eye on your Proofs to see how much is cut off.

    And I agree with Maggie about templates. They are not actually that hard to create. It just gets a bit harder when you set up Sections and want to make Headers, Footers and page numbers behave in them! There's huge amounts of help on line for Word.

    BTW. Are Lulu's templates not already set up with margins, etc?

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