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Message Inside Order

I am sure I have suggested this before but it appears Lulu does not yet see the importance, Sometime I need to attach a message to a third party order ,e.g thank you note, notification of other available titles etc. The only way available to do this presently is to first have the book delivered to me,  after which I now send it to the buyer, which involves unnecessary shipping expenses. It is much worse when for instance the order from a US buyer first comes to me in Africa, after which I now dispatch it to back to US at huge cost. Not OK at all.
Why does Lulu not have an option to send a message along with an order ? I am sure this will come at a price , but I am sure the price will be more tolerable. I prefer to pay $2 extra for an optional message than pay $30 extra for extra shipping cost. What do you think guys? You can even contract that service out to some local high school kid in need of booze money.
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