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Embedding font - LucidPress

Hi there,

I will be laying out my book in LucidPress (a kind of InDesign lite) before converting to PDF.

The following LucidPress page provides info on how they convert text to images, but 'invisible text' is also generated. This MAY come up as an error message from the printer, but is still good to go to print. 

"Yes, the invisible text is a non-issue for them, and they can disregard any error messages they see regarding embedded fonts."

Can someone at Lulu let me know if this will be an issue in advance of me laying out a whole book?

Many thanks, Rebecca S


  • Hmmm...I'm honestly not sure. I don't have any experience with Lucid Press.

    It seems like the PDF they produce isn't flattened - which would account for the potential issue with the invisible text. My feeling is that, without going through Adobe's embedding and flattening processes, there is a very good chance we'll detect the invisible text as fonts that need to be embedded.

    The only way I can think to know would be to create a few pages and upload it (create a Saddle Stitch or Coil Bound book with a low minimum page count). Likewise, you could create a page or two, open the PDF in Adobe, and view Properties > Fonts. If the font has (Embedded Subset) after it, that font is embedded.

    I was able to view these properties using Adobe DC Reader (the free version) so you should be able to check that way without paying Adobe.

    In the end, there isn't any definitive way for me to say that the file will or won't work without testing a PDF from Lucid Press.
  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor
    Use the software you want to create the book. When you are ready to print the PDF download the free DoPDF. Embed fonts under properties, and high resolution. That's all.
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  • Thank you both for your advice! Very good idea to text all before sending to print. Am setting up documents in a couple of weeks, will let you know if this comes off. Cheers.
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