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Book Format

I've been trying to look for the answer to this questions to no avail. When I submit a PDF to get printed, do I have to manually insert blank pages, or does Lulu do it on their own? Meaning. Title page has to be on the right hand side, back page (on left) will be blank, 3rd page is the 'dedication' page on the right, 4th (back) page is blank, 5th page is title and author on right, 6th will have copyright behind it, 7th page is acknowledgements, 8th behind it blank, 9th is preface, 10th blank behind it... 11th is the beginning of the book, 12th behind it continues it, and so on and so forth... my question is... do I have to purposely place blank pages where they're supposed to go, or will lulu printers know what to do if the entire PDF is in sequence with no blank pages in it?  


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